to Party University. WE LOVE COLLEGE is all about having fun at our awesome parties in September and February. We are based in Vlissingen, The Netherlands. Stay up to date and join us on Facebook. “Let’s make Vlissingen great again!”.

Planned events:

Friday 22 September 2017


Summer is still on going and thereby we are dropping an other Beachparty & BBQ before we go back-2-school on Friday the 22nd of September atWE LOVE COLLEGE # IX Imagine the sun slowly disappearing over the horizon… You’re dancing in the sand with your bare feet...

A guide to one of the treasures in town: The Beachclub Tour

It's famous and notorious: The Beachclub Tour. Everyone who was born in Vlissingen has done it at least once. The Beachclub Tour is a walk along the shores, involving beautiful weather, lots of drinks and an impression of the best beachclubs in town. Here is your...

9 Tips For Foreign Students In Vlissingen

Hi there! Every year we see foreign students going through the same problems. And that's normal. It takes a few months to understand how things work around here. Here are some tips to get through your first semester without any problems. Get a bike! Chances are, this...

10 events you need to visit

Did you know Vlissingen has over 500 events per year? Yes we do! To find your way in this maze of events, we have listed the 10 most brilliant ones: Kingsday 27 April 2017 There’s not much to elaborate on this topic. We’re guessing all of you have heard about the...