10 events you need to visit

Did you know Vlissingen has over 500 events per year? Yes we do! To find your way in this maze of events, we have listed the 10 most brilliant ones:


27 April 2017
There’s not much to elaborate on this topic. We’re guessing all of you have heard about the famous Kingsday. Basically its a three-step thing: dress up like an orange clown, pretend to celebrate the king’s birthday and party like a rockstar. Vlissingen offers pretty good concerts and a variety of activities like flea markets and art contests. Whatever you do, it’s always good.

Liberty Day

05 May
During Liberty Day we celebrate freedom. The center of Vlissingen gets remodeled into a huge festival. Each year multiple famous national artists perform on the various stages. House, rock, pop.. all genres are accounted for. Basically its the one event per year you can not miss. Thousands of people visit the city, the vibe is astonishing and your hangover will be remarkably intense. Put this one in your agenda.

City of Dance

14-15-16 July 2017
First of all, this event is held in Middelburg. We, people from Vlissingen, have to be very convinced about the quality before advising you to go there. In this case, it’s 100% worth it. City of Dance is one of the longest running festivals in the world. They focus on music, culture, art, talent and creativity. A no-go is a no-no!

Fair Vlissingen

22-30 July 2017
The Fair in Vlissingen is a yearly event held on Bellamypark. For 7 days you get to go back to being a kid running from one amusement ride to another. The weather is generally good – if you consider Dutch standards – which creates the feeling like you’re on a holiday. In addition, on Thursdays, the municipality offers a free firework show. And it’s awesome.

Film by the Sea

07 – 17 September 2017
This internationally recognized film festival is worth visiting for anyone who has interests in literature and film. Its a yearly festival for all ages with a wide range of activities. Well-known and lesser-known films are showed, competitions are held, lectures and concerts are organized.. its a big deal.

Zeeland Nazomerfestival

September 2017
The translation would be: After Summer Festival. It offers a daily wide variety of concerts, dance performances, art exhibitions, talkshows, workshops.. you get the point. The event is held in – yes, again – Middelburg and spread through the whole city center. It’s a pretty unique experience.