9 Tips For Foreign Students In Vlissingen

Hi there! Every year we see foreign students going through the same problems. And that’s normal. It takes a few months to understand how things work around here. Here are some tips to get through your first semester without any problems.

Get a bike!

Chances are, this will be you in a few months. But don’t think you have to spend €200 on a new bike. Search on the internet for secondhand bikes. Even better, in tip 5 you will find a great platform for bikes. But seriously, you can not get around without one. Busses travel only during daytime and taxis are too expensive. Our bike paths are the best in the world. Use them 🙂

Buy groceries at Lidl

Compared to other North-European countries, our supermarket prices are pretty ok. But if you buy your microwave burger in the wrong supermarket, you end up paying massive prices. Just go to Lidl. There are two of them in Vlissingen. The closest one is probably in the Nieuw Bonedijkelaan.

Learn the basics of Dutch

It’s true. Almost everybody in the country speaks – at least a bit – of English. In fact, most people will automatically switch to English when they realize you don’t speak Dutch. The problem is, at a certain point you will end up in a situation where Dutch is needed. Let’s say you need a job. You won’t get hired if you can’t even introduce yourself. We understand Dutch is a difficult language. But many students before you have learned it, so why not you?

Follow Get Rid Of It In Vlissingen

This one is important. Like we said in the first tip: you need a bike. Where to find a bike? At Get Rid Of It In Vlissingen! It’s a Facebook group where people offer there possessions for unseen prices. And guess what? It’s all in English! Not the best way to start learning Dutch, but definitely handy when you’re in need of a coffee machine.

Sirup is mixed with water!

Every year, we meet at least one student that thinks ‘sirup it way too sweet’. Sirup is a concentrated substance which is mixed with water before drinking. Normally you fill up your glass with 1/8 of sirup and 7/8 of water. It suddenly tastes a lot better, doesn’t it?

Prepare for the weather

The Dutch are crazy in their own way. Just look at the picture above. But the weather in the Netherlands is something that go’s beyond your expectations. On a bad day, you drive through the snow at -6 celcius with wind force 9 in your opposite direction, to end up falling of your bike right before reaching university. And when your day can not get any worse, Dutch people will tell you not to complain. Welcome to The Netherlands!

Learn the bus routes by heart

It might look like a useless thing to do, but it’s worth it. Especially in the first few weeks, the chances of getting lost are bigger then you think. Just start with bus lines 56 and 58. These will take you to university.

Visit Amsterdam

You have probably heard stories about the red light district, unique concept stores, hundreds of coffeeshops, the fantastic nightlife and much, much more. Well… they are all true. There is no limit to the possibilities in this city. Whatever your interests may be, you can find them in Amsterdam. Go there!