A guide to one of the treasures in town: The Beachclub Tour

It’s famous and notorious: The Beachclub Tour. Everyone who was born in Vlissingen has done it at least once. The Beachclub Tour is a walk along the shores, involving beautiful weather, lots of drinks and an impression of the best beachclubs in town. Here is your guide for organizing your own Beachclub Tour:

Start at Beachclub Vloed

The first thing you do is walk to Beachclub Vloed. This might look like a pretty long walk. But it’s 25 degrees outside, the sky is blue and you’re just getting started. We recommend ordering a drink with a low level of alcohol content, since there’s still a long way to go. This is the moment to take a rest from your walk, enjoy your drink and recharge yourself in the burning sun.

Continue to Beachclub Piet Hein

It will take you about 20 minutes to get there. Beachclub Piet Hein offers a good selection of drinks and the staff is friendly. The most unique part of this beachclub is the roof terras. You can ead article buying term papers Write my paper I advise to you to look a site on which there are many articles on this question. enjoy your drinks with a relaxing seaside view. It has to be said that when it’s 35 degrees outside, you will burn faster then your math book in a pizza oven. But hey, it’s worth it!

Next: Beachclub Kon-Tiki

Beachclub Kon-Tiki is a constantly innovating beachclub with a food menu that can blow your mind. So if you’re hungry, this is the time to reboot your stomach. It is owned by a experienced couple, which is reflected in both the menu and the design of the beachlub. It has a very relaxing vibe, with a few amazingly comfortable lounge chairs inside. Try them!

Walk to: Beachclub Panta Rhei / Boka Bizarro Beach

This might be one of the most famous beachclubs in town. Many of the people born in Vlissingen have at least a few nostalgic memories about this place. It’s a two level club, with two owners. Beachclub Panta Rhei is located on the ground floor. It has a circle-like shape with both restaurant and lounge facilities. On the second floor, you find Boka Bizarro Beach. From their terras you can enjoy the stunning view of boats passing so close that you can almost touch them. Not only is this a local treasure, but it is internationally seen as one of the most unique locations for a beachclub.

The final round: Pier 7

As you probably noticed in the picture, this is a work in progress. A new beachclub is being build right in front of Boulevard Evertsen. Now it is still hard to tell why you should visit this beachclub, but it does have its benefits. The location is beyond great. After visiting 4 beachclubs, you probably feel a little tired and possibly drunk. Well, grab a drink, eat a snack and relax until the sun goes down. Beachclub Pier 7 is promised to be succesful for many years.