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Author: Michael Kuiper

WLC – After Exam Party

Firstly: SAVE THE DATE! You don’t want to sit this one out…. Back once again and stronger than ever: WE LOVE COLLEGE and Fisa Flushing, Marum Bibio and Studentenvereniging Aqua ad Vinum are joining forces for a new music event called AXP – After Exam Party. Events will take place right after HZ university of applied sciences exams. At this kick off party, there is limited space for 250 people devided in two areas: 1st floor & 2nd floor. Tickets & info: coming...

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Aftermovie – WE LOVE COLLEGE # IX

WE LOVE COLLEGE # IX was the opening party of 2017-2018. Just like the previous editions you guys made it legendary. Thank you for your energy and in meantime we are recovering and getting ready for the next edition to come! The aftermovie & party pics will be uploaded very shortly at Make sure you stay up to date and see you back at future editions in...

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10 events you need to visit

Did you know Vlissingen has over 500 events per year? Yes we do! To find your way in this maze of events, we have listed the 10 most brilliant ones: Kingsday 27 April 2017 There’s not much to elaborate on this topic. We’re guessing all of you have heard about the famous Kingsday. Basically its a three-step thing: dress up like an orange clown, pretend to celebrate the king’s birthday and party like a rockstar. Vlissingen offers pretty good concerts and a variety of activities like flea markets and art contests. Whatever you do, it’s always good. Liberty Day 05 May During Liberty Day...

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